Bio-Grape Seed


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What is BIO-GRAPE Seed?

BIO-GRAPE Seed contains grape seed extract which is standardized to contain 95% Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin(OPC)

What are the benefits of BIO-GRAPE Seed for the eyes?

BIO-GRAPE Seed has more health benefits for the eyes. It has been confirmed to improve night vision, prevent diabetic retinopathy, and prevent cataracts. Among the presbyopia is that there is too much lipid peroxide accumulation in the eyes, and grape seeds are very effective antioxidants. Grape seeds can promote blood circulation in the eyes and fight against free radical damage for the eyes. Grape seed extracts can promote blood circulation in the ear to help improve tinnitus (inner ear).

Why do we need BIO-GRAPE Seed?

We are always exposed to free radicals(pollution, UV, radiation, inflammation, smoking), so the body needs antioxidants to neutralize free radicals.

Suggested Use

Health Booster:

3 tablets once a day.

For high blood pressure, high blood sugar & high cholesterol:

3 tablets twice a day.

If on blood thinner medication:

1 tablet once a day.

*BIO-GRAPE Seed is safe to consume with your other medications.



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