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What is M-COLL?

M-COLL is a marine collagen extracted from deep-sea fish. It also contains natural antioxidants such as strawberries, oranges, grapes and oats. Combination of collagen with strong antioxidants formulated with Vitamin A,C,E, can help whiten skin, remove dark spots and improve uneven skin tone.

Why should we use M-Coll?

Collagen is an important protein that is present in our bones and joints. It i also a major component of our skin, which is 80% of our skin layer. M-COLL can provide the collagen needed by our body, which can help us to keep our skin stay young and healthy.

Why do you need collagen?

Aging, UV rays, smoking, drinking, late sleep, free radicals and other factors that damage skin health will result in collagen loss. Therefore, collagen supplements are essential.

At what age should we take collagen?

Anyone over 20 can take collagen, because the loss of collagen in our body starts at age of 20.

Suggested Use

How much tablets of M-COLL should a person take daily?

The recommended amount is 4 tablets daily, 2 tablets in the morning and night each.



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