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What is SPI2RO?

SPI2RO is a health food that combines detoxification, repair and rejuvenate functions. SPI2RO contains spinach, spirulina, corella and other substances to help remove toxins, radiation and heavy metals, regulate and restore intestinal cell function, promote digestion, and improve immune system health.

What is the function of SPI2RO?

Helps detox bodies and removes heavy metals, improves digestive system, releases harmful radiation, provides a comprehensive nutrition for the body, strengthens the immune system, fight disease, promotes healthy skin, promotes metabolism, helps reduce weight, increases insulin sensitivity, increases activity antioxidant, balancing body pH.

Why do we need detox?

Detoxification can thoroughly cleanse the body, restructure the body’s system, help combat aging, balance body function, and promote overall health.

Suggested Use

How to take SPI2RO?

The recommended dose is 2 tablets daily and take before going to bed.



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